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First HT with Dr Radha - 3004 Grafts FUT



Date: 29th June 2012

Place: Radha International Institute of Hair Transplant, Vizag, India (Dr. Radha Rani Palakurthi)

After a long wait and research I decided to undergo hair transplant with Dr Radha Rani on 29th June 2012.

My first HT with Dr Radha at RIIHT Vizag has been an unforgetful and and excellent experience for me personally. It has just been a week thereafter, but I am pretty confident that things would go my way, thanks to excellent support by Dr Radha and her team!

As of now, I am pretty happy with my new hairline, and things are stable, no complications. I cannot comment/predict much about the resultsm but I think you guys will be able to provide me better inputs.

Total Grafts- 3004

1 Hair - 648

2 Hair - 2048

3 Hair - 308

Total No of Hair - 5668


I am sharing my pictures of first HT. Please let me know your thoughts.

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