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Initial Consult with Dr Parsa Mohebi.



Hello everyone. I'd like to share with you my initial consultation with Dr Parsa Mohebi that I had on Saturday, June 30th. I am a class3 Vertex and I had my first Transplant 18 months ago with Dr Ron Chao. He was not listed as one of the Doctors recomended on this fabulous site. However, he offered a good deal at bargain prices and after meeting wth him I felt comfortable. Now a few things bothered me after the procedure which I shall talk about further down the road. Those reasons are what prompted me to get more selective and really educate myself further regarding the procedure. I read lots of posts and examined results by various patients; I read various blogs and books the latest one being "Hair Loss and Replacement for dummies" written by Dr Rassman. I came across Dr Parsa Mohebi and reviewed his website and read his blogs and articles and found that he was truly not just an educated and professional doctor, but also a rather passionate one in the sense that he attended meetings and was involved in publishings and findings in seminars all over. Dr Rassman invented the densitometer and Dr Parsa the Laxitometer. I was impressed with both men and decided to visit Dr Parsa first. Upon meeting him, He was kind and warm and very excited to review my scalp. He used a densitometer to magnify my scalp which looked like a deserted forrest oasis, hair strands looking like thick, towering trees to the few lymp, overcooked celery stalks which I found to be miniaturized hairs. He used the laxitometer to measure the looseness of my scalp. He complimented my above than average donor hair density and spent more than ample time to figure out my past, including my past transplant. He did comment that perhaps I might be overly obsessed with hair density as I was bordering on insecurity. (He is correct by the way......shhhh!) On the other hand, Dr Chao never used any of the above tools execept for his hand as he reached behind and "combed" through my hair. During surgery I only had one nurse. Periodically a second one came in and helped her out. Perhaps there was a third one though I do not recall seeing one. Dr Parsa insisted on the fact that he uses a standard crew to dissect the grafts and after every 500 grafts implanted, a new technician takes over to reduce fatigue and ensure proper procedure. In other words, the work load is balanced. The Nurse I had for my first surgery used to work for Bosley, she told me. I felt very comfortable until the end when I asked her for details. She told me that I had 60 grafts per cm2 implanted, even though Dr Chao promised not to overwhelm my recipient area due to the fact that I was still a smoker. Now, when she told me that she had implanted 60 grafts, I panicked. I inquired that at Bosley the surgeon considers a great transplant to consist of 25-40 grafts per cm2. How is it even possible to transplant that many grafts all by yourself? I guess that freaked her out and from that day forward I was never able to see or talk to anyone form Dr Chao's practice. The procedure with Dr Chao lasted from 7:30 am until 1:30pm including a half hour lunch break. With Dr Parsa, the procedure will take almost all day, he assured me and I'm allowed four standard visits post-op and as many questions as I want. We discussed in length everything regarding the procedure. I couldn't have been more pleased. He sat there and heard me out, patient with my obsession and my disapointment from Dr Chao. After the consultation I immediately signed myself up to be treated by Dr Parsa in the next month or so. I knew I had found one of the better doctors. For he is a great listener and most patient with all my silly, little inquiries. My only regret is rushing in and going cheap to save money.



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Thank you for sharing your story!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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How many grafts did Dr. Chao transplant?


I had 2,600+ and I got there at 6 am and was on the road by 1:45pm. Seemed quite quick, I thought the reason I needed to be there at 6 am was it was going to take all day long. The procedure was with twice as many grafts as the two I had with Dr. Sword.


When Dr. Sword did both of my procedures, they were for 1,200 grafts and I was there from 9 am to 4 pm.


There were just as many girls working on my head with Dr. Sword as with Dr. Chao.

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