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Ailesbury and Balckrock clinics Dublin




Ailesbury clinic talks about extracting one hair at a time rather than the entire follicle, Is that possible and if so why are all the top FUE clinics not using this method? Their consultation involves a nurse/sales person who does not take photos of the hair and you do not get to sit down and spend time with the doctor who is going to do your procedure until the actual day you are going ahead with it! Their main doctor is Dr Marmagiolis liised for ISHRS. Anyone know of his work?. The costs are very low comparatively and if you compare with the Blackrock clinic Dublin, charge only about 20% of what Mr Collins charges for the more invasive strip procedure!

Why is Adee Phelan hair dresser to the celebs singing the praises of Ailesbury and going on about how fantastic they are? Why is Blackrock probably the most expensive Hair Clinic in the world? It charges 10 euro per graft for strip only with no reductions for larger numbers, yet it still has a waiting list of several months just to get a consultation! Ailesbury still seems to be doing HTs everyday 6 days a week. Do people not realise you only get one shot at this as you cannot get the donor follicles back...ever!...and you may pay more for correctional work, so it had better be perfect first time!



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Dividing follicular units is not unheard of, but it's usually only utilized (properly) to create single hair units for hairline construction. Frankly, if you feel like something about the clinic is "too good to be true," maybe you should consider a few other consultations before deciding on a particular surgeon?


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thanks for the response. They were going to place 2000 hairs using this single hair extraction on my crown which another more prestigious clinic stated would need 2000 grafts. Would this have meant less than half the density given over 2 hairs per graft? Also they were going to extract up to 4000 single hairs using FUE and 'unique patented tool' in one day's session. They [the nurse/sales person] said transection rate was less than the strip method whereas I always heard it was the other way around especially in large sessions!

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