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7.5 Months update



Updated pics. This work is from 2 procedures. First 1500 in the frontal 1/3 by Dr Keene in Jan 2009, and another 2000 grafts in same region (that included lowering my hairline) by Dr Panine in Nov 2009.

I've noticed over the past several months more density over the past 2 procedures, but to see these pictures is wild. My crown had a thin spot and this last procedure touched it up, giving some coverage, but it's thin to the touch --- still thinking about a final procedure to beef the crown up (and if needed, fill in a bit more of the hairline).

My only concern at this point is my donor area. Of the 3 procedured, the first 2 HTs, the numbness went away after 2-3 months. I know different people respond differently to HTs, but with this last HT I still have a little numbness on one side of the donor area. Also, from time to time I wake up and around the length of the whole donor area it's painful. Not major pain, but a discomfort. I'll be contacting Dr Panine's office about this today. I've read profiles where some people had some discomfort/pain/numb in the donor area for years. I'm hoping my current condition is only temporary.

But i'm excited for the growth from the last 2 produres and hopeful the next few months cotninues to fill in the hairline.

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Thank you for updating the community on your progress. You hair looks very thick and natural, and I'm pleased to follow future progress. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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