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receding hairline from hell!



I'm 23 and within 2 years my hairline has thinned out so much you can see my scalp and it makes me look twice my age. i dont know what to do anymore. I'm sure stress played a part in my hairloss but now im twice as stressed out because i have no hair! its a never ending cycle. my dermatologist told me to use %5 minoxidil, today i used my first application. i guess i just have to play the waiting game now. any feedback on minoxidil for rededing hairlines???

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Hi Jake,


5% minoxidil is a great start. Additionally, you may want to meet with your Dermatologist again and discuss adding Propecia (finasteride) to your regimen.


Opinion on hair loss medications in the hairline is mixed. Some individuals say products like Rogaine and Propecia are best suited for the scalp and crown, while others believe "hair is hair" and there's no medical reason why the drugs wouldn't regrow hair in the hairline.


Altogether, you're doing the "right thing" right now. You've caught your recession at a young age, and now have the best chance of maintaining and rebuilding. Furthermore, stabilizing your hair loss now will make you a better candidate for other treatments (like hair transplant surgery) in the future.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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