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Day 2 post op



I have been spraying my scalp with ASEA water every hour. I also apply antibacterial ointment to my donor area twice a day. I noticed this time around, there isn't very much crusting/scabs around my grafts, it just looks really red with a lot of tiny dots where the grafts are placed but no scabs. Not sure it thats a good or bad thing since last time, when then scabs came out, the dots went away as well. I think the technicians must have cleaned my blood from my recipeint area really well while they were putting in the grafts.

Even though I've been icing my face, the swelling is very apparent. I look a bit like E.T. The swelling has come down around my eyes and the bridge of my nose. I'm taking Vicodin once every 4-6 for the pain in my donor area and everything looks like its healing on schedule.

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Thanks for keeping us updated! Glad to hear things are coming along. Icing won't help too much. Just try to relax and wait it out. The swelling will go down.



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