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:Review of My Hair FUT Transplant (2280 Grafts) and Eyebrow Transpant (320 Grafts) with Dr Radha Ra




Hi All,

I’ve only been a member of this site since for around 6 months, but I’ve spent a lot of time on here and elsewhere reading and researching, and I believe I’ve learned a lot – so a big ’thanks’to everyone who contributes here. Hopefully this lengthy post will help those who are considering have a hair transplant in India, particularly with Dr Radha Rani.

A Bit of Background.

There is male pattern baldness in my family, and my own hairloss was further exacerbated by a thyroid condition which caused diffuse thinning, along with decimating my eyebrows and making me gain weight. In looking for an technically expert and affordable surgeon I came across cardel25’s posts on here about his HT with Dr Radha in Vizag, India. I was so impressed with her work and his description of how he was treated by her, both personally and surgically, that I decided that she was the surgeon for me. So a big thanks to cardel25!

I did also consider Dr Madhu in Hyderbad, who is also obviously very good, but the fact that Dr Radha performs all the surgeries herself, her international training, and you can have a good thorough consultation with her rather than a staff member as with some places, and so get t he ‘personal touch’, convinced me that she was the best choice in my case.

Below is a review of my experience. I don’t go into any detail about the eyebrow transplant except to say that I wa thoroughly pleased with it, and you see can the difference yourselves between some of the pics, but all of my comments on the HT pretty much apply to that too.

One note, I’ve waited a few months to post this review in order to let the experience ‘settle’ and to be sure that my opinions stood the test of time, and I’m pleased to say that they have.

My transplant pics can be seen in my blog so you can see the quality of Dr Radha’s work for yourselves. I’ve posted pics of the clinic and staff and Dr Radha (she’s the one in purple sitting next to me) and pics from the day of surgery, then side and front shots at days 10, 30, and 42. I’ll post some more pics when my hair has really started to grow in, and when the shock-loss in the area around my scar at the back of my head has begun to recover, which I trust it will.


1) Contact before surgery. This amounted to about 30 emails over two months, as I’m a pretty thorough and meticulous person by nature. All my emails were answered personally by Dr Radha, except a few about accomodation. There was on occasional slight delay or partial omission, but she is a busy person, and I realise that I was a pretty demanding client.

2) Quality of Information received before arriving for my surgery date. My questions were answered thoroughly, and I was sent pre and post of instructions so I could plan ahead. Dr Radha told me that she is in the process of having a new website built, so some/most of the questions I asked should be answerable by checking her new ‘bigger and better’ site when it eventually appears.

3) My experience of the consultation . I’d already sent high resolution photos, but as you would expect Dr Radha examined my scalp, took some measurements and did some calculations. She told me the less than good news about my poorer than average donor zone (about 4500) and the vellus nature of some of my hair. We talked through the options in regard to hairline, central area, vertex etc, and what we could do in the future with my remaining donor hair. She didn’t give me false expectations, or promise to give me a ‘perfect’ set of eyebrows (like my brother, who is an artist, had drawn for her to work from) but she was always positive, creative, and flexible in meeting my personal hair goals, which she eventually did (pending it all growing back in of course!).

4) My experience of Dr Radha as someone to work with. We’ve all met people who you just naturally warm too, and Dr Radha was one of those for me. I’ve got to admit that I came to like her a lot. She is very open and friendly, speaks perfect English, and listens carefully to what you say and what you want. She seems genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about her work, and I suppose her willingness to go abroad to acquire training and qualifications demonstrates that. She is also without the ‘God Complex’ that some Dr’s seem to develop, where they think they know everything (most of us in this forum are pretty well informed after all) and forget that they are there to help their patient and provide a service in which the client’s input and satisfaction are essential. Dr Radha also clearly has that helping mentality, and a willingness to go the extra mile to give you the service and result you want. For example, I rang her early on the day of surgery, and said I wanted to reschedule my HT an hour later so we could discuss a few more of things that had occurred to me, and she was absolutely fine with it.

5) My experience of the staff at the clinic. Dr Radha has total a staff or 9 or 10, some of which also have international training. I didn’t get to interact with all of them, but the ones I did – Uju, Rachel, Ritto, Santosh, were all really friendly and made me feel welcome and at home. If you ever read this - thanks guys and gals!

6) My experience of the facilities and clinical environment. Apparently she had the facilities purpose built about three years ago inside a larger building complex in one of the expensive business areas of Vizag. It was cool (AC) , clean, relaxing, and spacious. She is was also in the process of installing/equipping a second full surgery, so clearly she has ambitions to expand.

7) My experience of the hair transplant procedure. Despite my HT not being a mega-session at 2280 grafts, the procedure took about nine hours in total, from drawing on my newline, to leaving the clinic. This seemed like quite a long time to me, and I put that down to Dr Radha’s perfectionism, as the most important thing to her, so she told me, is that her clients are happy with the work one. However perhaps because I was given valium (so you move around less) on top of the local anaesthetic, I actually found the experience quite a pleasurable one! I had my ipod with me, but I didn’t it need as I felt so relaxed enjoying all this lovely caring female attention. Dr Radha has a policy of minimal talking among her staff during surgery, unless necessary, and then only in the softest whispers, so it was very peaceful and soothing experience. I almost wish I could have it done again – crazy and sad as it sounds!

8) My experience of the after-care. I was given the post op instructions in writing, some pain killers, a surgical head band (which minimizes swelling apparently - it worked in my case) and I was also fortunate to have very little pain. I was asked if I felt okay and if I needed anything and then Dr Radha had her driver take me back to my hotel. I was picked up next morning for my first post-op gentle ‘new’ hair wash and an examination to check everything was okay, which it was. Due to my eyebrow transplant being on the day after my HT, and it requiring more aftercare, I saw Dr Radha for five consecutive days, so I felt I got plenty of time and attention, though I know many patients travel home the same or the following day, so my experience was a bit unusual here.

9) My experience of the ‘extras’ – transport and hotel. Dr Radha’s driver drove me everywhere, thus saving me from some of the stress that big cities anywhere can cause. As I had very specific accommodation requirements – a particular resort by the sea (Visag is on the east coast of India), these took some sorting, but through her contacts she managed to get exactly what I wanted!

10) Prices I paid 50Rs/$1 per graft for my Hair, which is pretty much the average rate in India it seems, though eyebrow work does cost more as it’s even more technically demanding that transplantation on the scalp, and requires more aftercare. I think given Dr Radha’s international training and fact that she performs the surgeries herself these prices are very reasonable indeed, and an absolute bargain compared to European and North American rates.

Conclusion. If you don’t live in India it may seem a long way to go for a HT, but if cost is an issue, and you still want the highest quality of expertise and care, then my experience has convinced me that Dr Radha is a great choice, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to family and friends, or to members on here. Any further work I have done will also be done by her.

Finally, I realise the above is a pretty glowing review, but it was my experience, and I received no discounts or incentives to write it. Actually it’s just been a pleasure to say something good about someone who was so good to me. So if any of you go and see her, be nice to her, cos’ she deserves it.

Best wishes to All,


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I've commented on your forum thread but also wanted to take a moment again to say congratulations! I'm a eagerly awaiting your updates. Dr. Radha is doing excellent work.



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