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Don't worry, you don't look that silly



Well if waking up like elephant man yesterday wasn’t bad enough, today I had swelling around the eyes that made me look like I had lost in the first round to Mike Tyson. This was especially annoying as I had religiously woke up on two occasions overnight, taken the prescribed painkillers and applied a cold pack for a good 15-minutes.

I high-tailed it to Dr Pong’s to be there at 8:30am to try and get some answers, but as I arrived I saw another guy in the waiting room who was so swollen he looked someone had extracted all his wisdom teeth, he’d gone 2-rounds with Mike Tyson and he was Cromagnum man’s great-great-grandfather.

It gave me some comfort to know that there were others in far worse shape than me. As you might expect from a Doctor who sees all sorts of physical reactions to the procedure, Dr Pong was not surprised at all be any of the mutants he saw in his waiting room and said that it was all quite common.

Perhaps the best part about the process with Dr Pong (and from many other HT specialists) is the post-op support. Not only did I get my hair washed each day by one of his technicians (for me it was often the technician who had assisted in the procedure), but Dr Pong would also spend a few minutes checking both the donor site and grafts to confirm that they were healing as expected. This was a huge plus. When I had a HT in Sydney, I flew home the next day and there was no immediate follow-up. If I remember correctly, Dr Knudsen scheduled a check-up in Brisbane about 3-months later, just to see how the grafts were going.

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Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm glad to hear the clinic provided you with some much needed assistance and evaluation. Hopefully it's "smooth sailing" from here.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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