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Derma Roller update



Well it's been a couple of months now since I started using the derma roller on my receding hairline and so far.......I'm really impressed! :) There is definate new growth happening and every day I seem to be finding new hairs and they are getting quite long and thicker by the day, and this is just with derma roller 0.5mm, no creams or minox or anything like that.

Make no mistake though, it's slow...slow and drawn out but the progress is there and noticable. The hairs are still quite thin and in some strong lights they disappear altogether but in others they look dark and getting thicker. The other day in a brief flicker of sunlight while looking in the mirror I noticed quite a few vellus hairs which were a bit longer than the others and a 'touch' more golden looking. I can only assume (or hope) that this is the hairs in their early growing stages, much like baby hairs and they will become thicker and darker as time goes on. My receding patches are covered in small vellus hairs anyway, a touch thicker than on my forehead but I think it was like that anyway so I'm hoping that if I keep stimulating them they will grow into nice thick hairs.

I've decided to give the derma roller a year. It's a good length of time to determine what will happen. My new hair growth may stop at a certain stage, or it may become patchy with growth only in certain areas but I'm hoping for the best and TBH I don't need my hairline ultra straight to acheive that great Kurt Russell look which I am after.

One thing I am shocked about is the complete lack of treatment results on the internet. There are scores of site promoting derma rollers in combination with minox with some (pretty shady if I'm honest) photos of 'results' but these sites are comletely geared towards selling you something and as such I don't trust them, but just cases of normal people doing what I'm doing and documenting it seem to be zero.

Like I said, I'm not using any minox or chemicals, I'm simply running the roller over my hairless areas very gently twice every night and that's it. No blood is drawn and no pain is felt although i do get the 'sunburn' effect straight after but I put a touch of moisturiser on after and it's gone in the morning.

The person who derma rollers my face is the one who told me about how to go about it. He says that the whole roller/minox thing is just companies trying to sell you something and that the body is more than capable of regenerating the follicles on it's own providing you have a good blood supply and that excessive force with the roller can damage the follicle and as such it must be used for gentle stimulation on the thin skin that is on the head. I'm quite a keep fit fanatic and I've taken to putting a pillow on the floor and doing a headstand for 30 seconds a few times after a workout, just to blast a bit of blood to the scalp to help the process along. I have no idea if it works or not but i recall seeing a program years ago about a bald man who did inversion therapy (hanging upside down) and he had new growth appear on his head so I'm reckoning that it can't hurt.

I hope someone reads this and tries it out as well as I'd like the comparison but if you do then I'll tell you exactly what I was told. You will reach a point where you will thnk "This is doing nothing for me!" but just keep at it and I'm pretty sure you will see something as well.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with the derma roller. I always find experiences with alternative treatments quite fascinating and interesting. If you haven't already, I encourage you to share your story, experience and pictures on our popular hair loss forum to garner input from our community.


I'm glad you've had some success with the derma roller and look forward to potentially seeing some photos.


Best wishes,



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Are you still doing this? How did it work? my wife does this to her face and she said she head it works on hair, but IDK.

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