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Dr. Giannotto hair transplant



Hello all,

I had two transplants done by Dr. Giannotto in Tysons Corner, Va. The first one was in 2005 and the second was in 2008. I wish I had researched before I went to him. I am very disatisfied with my results. My pictures don't always show what I really look like up close and in person. My hair is very hard to manage, because it sticks up. I also have an 8mm scar in the back of my head. My thinning hair on top of my head is very visible underneath the hair that sticks up. I often have to wear a hat, because my hair won't lay down. This is after using hair products. I have expressed my displeasure to Dr. Giannotto's sales representative, and all he wants to do is try and sell me another costly hair transplant. I was also told that Dr. Giannotto pioneered the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ). Other people out ther have claimed to have pioneered this and I find no where on the internet that say's Dr. Giannotto had anything to do with this invention. Dr. Giannotto would gladly take my business and slice me up a third time, but I think there are much better surgeons out there. Has anyone else had a bad or even good experience with Dr. Giannotto? I don't know if this can be fixed. I have been told that another hair transplant could make it worse. I know there are surgeons out there who would tell me otherwise, because all they are interested in is my wallet. Dr. Giannotto has a no refund policy. He offers special discounts. This should be a red flag no matter who the doctor is. Any reputable Dr. would give you back your money if you changed your mind within a certain time frame. And a Dr. that does reputable work will not offer discounts. You only have one head of hair. My advice to you is, spend the big bucks one time and be happy for the rest of your life. If you go the cheap way, you will be miserable and end up spending even bigger bucks. And you still might not be happy.


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I agree widescar. Patients are seduced by price and desperation for a result by surgeons who may be well qualified in certain areas of cosmetic surgery but not in hair transplants. They have license to practise on the likes of people like yourself but it takes years of experience and patients to become an accomplished hair surgeon. Any good surgeon will take time to consult you full in person and provide you with a plan of the operation before proceeding. If they fail to do that at the consultation stage do not progress any further as this is purely bad practise or inexperience on the surgeons part. It is beginning to dawn on me that Piotr Rataj of Prestige Clinic, Wroclaw, Poland who performed 3000 FUT surgery upon me in September 2011 may have been inexperienced in performing FUT as he did not provide any of these detailed consultations before my surgery. I have posted four pictures for others to view and share my pre and post op hair pictures up to now, 9 months post op. Sadly Prestige Clinic are being very slow to advise or offer an explanation with regards to my poor results. Only after surgery and no hair growth do customers realize there mistakes.  


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