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decided to go for transplant



I have decided to go for a hair transplant. I am schedulled with Dr Alexander in April. After a fair amount of researching he seems like a solid choice. My only concern is what happens to the back of the head after thay take the donor graft out? I am a NW 5A and I expect to have another surgery at a later time to increase density. Where does the second graft come from?

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Congratulations on your decision to proceed with hair transplant surgery. Dr. Alexander is a top notch surgeon and a great guy. I trust you'll be in the best of hands.


By your blog, it sounds like you don't yet have a true understanding of how hair transplant surgery works. Thus, I recommend visiting the Hair Transplant Network website and reading all there is to know about the procedure. This will explain how the procedure works and how hair is harvested from the donor and sutured back up creating a thin, fine scar.


I also encourage you to ask your questions on our popular hair loss forum in order to maximize the number of responses from our community.


Best wishes,



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