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HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Okay , I am 17 , will be turning 18 this September. I am Suffering from Hairloss, Thinning Hair (Maybe). I dont have Dense And Thick hair on my scalp. According to A Doctor I am Currently using Minoxidil 5%, its been a Month now. Please Help me fight this and tell me means by which I can regrow my hair. I want my hair to be dense and thick like others. But as of now I want to stop this hairloss and regrow hair. By the way , I may have Genetic Baldness. But please Help Me. Please. I will be forever grateful to you. Thanks in Advance.


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DXD, I started losing my hair when I was 15 and in high school. I understand where you are coming from. While mine started with a receding hairline, yours is less noticeable right now, which is good!


Stick with the treatment you are using now and be sure to stay consistent. In a few months, if you just started, you should notice it start to fill in.


Patience and a positive attitude is important, there are many people on this site who started like you, or like me before you.

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Pirrinat , Thank you so much for your advice . I will keep it in mind. And I will surely be patient. :)

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