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Derma roller.



I thought I'd do a short post as an update.

Well after the less than encouraging appointment with Vinci I decided to give the derma roler a go. TBH I didn't hold much hope for it. I'd seen gimicks before and I thought it would just be one of them but I decided to give it a shot based on the reccomendation of the person who derma rollers my skin.

Well I'm one month in and I have to say.......I'm quite impressed. I'm definetely seeing growth of new hairs and this is without any other chemicals or product being rubbed in afterwords (apperently it's a scam and all you need s the derma roller itself)

I'm using a .50 length roller and I was instructed to go over the area that I wanted treated sort of like painting. I'd do it upward once beiong careful to avoid any overlaps and with minimal pressure (it can damage the follicle apparently) then repeat and put a touch of mousturiser on after. I've also got back into my old bodybuilding routine and diet and started cardio as well so there should be plenty of nutrients flying around my body and a nice healthy system to transport them to the head.

I'm thinking of getting gravity boots and trying some inversion as well as I've heard good things about it and it can't hurt to shunt some blood to your head.

It's still a long ways off of course but even when I was on propecia and I got a tiny little amount of spurts it was nothing like this. It's baby fine hairs of course and not many at the moment but they are there and I seem to be finding new ones every day. I'm hoping that the fine hairs will thicken up now that the follicles have been re-activated and are going through their stages again.

If this is just a month in then I can't wait to see what my hairline will be like in a year.

I'll report back ina month or so.


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