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5672 Grafts with Dr Rahal



So, this is my first post on this forum. I am just over 1 week post op from my procedure with Dr Rahal. I had 5672 grafts with the following breakdown:

One's 991

Two's 3387

Three's 1294

Total 11647 hairs

I have to say, I was quite nervous leading up to the procedure since it was my first. I've been on most of the forums for the last couple years researching, and glad I spent that time. The only regret I have is that I didn't go through with the procedure with Dr Rahal sooner, I would have been much further along today if that were the case. I know I am in for a long haul to the full effect, but I have to say I am not liking this stage much with the crust on the top of my head, the polysporin slick through my hair for the scar and the sides of my hair longer than the top. Par for the course though, and like I posted on one of the other forums, I am trying to break things down into timelines so that I don't get overly anxious waiting on the growth.

What can I say about Dr Rahal that hasn't already been said. Morning of, he was all business getting things moving. He was patient with me in the hairline design but I could tell that he wanted to get the ball rolling. I guess that's a good sign since he has done so many of these procedures and really knows what he is doing. Him and his staff were great, they really took care of me, and knew that I was really nervous during the initial part of the procedure. Very efficient and very professional, and I know that will all translate into the end result.

I went in with an estimate of 5500 grafts, and ended up getting the 5672, he knew that I wanted a hairline as dense as possible, but also realistic for my age since I am now 40 (blah) and I asked him to go back as far as possible. I suspect I will want the crown addressed in the future, it doesnt drop down too far at the back, but it will be an issue when everything grows out on top.

That's it for now, I will update regularly.


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That is a lot of grafts...your head must be very sore.....but well worth it for the final results. I am sure it will come out looking great. Thanks for the post and pics. keep us posted with the results. Happy growing!!!!!

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Not too sore anymore, just a bit in the donor area. I will definitely keep posting.

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I am going in on March 19th with Rahal for 2000 FUE so am curious to see your results with a much larger procedure. I'll have my pics up by the 20th.

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Cool, and good luck with your procedure. Wish I wasn't as far gone as I was, otherwise I would have gone with fue as well.

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