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hair restoration options



hello everyone i am 23 and am a stage 3 nw. I have recently started taking(2 months) finasteride and see no difference im looking for a solution to my problem if anyone has any info in the newest and best procedures that would be appreciated thanks

(i dont really want a ht becasue i am afraid i will regret it)

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Hi Mate;


Perhaps sharing some information on how finesteride proved for FDA will help you better assess your results. 48% of those treated with Propecia (finasteride 1mg) experienced some regrowth of hair, and 42% had no further loss. The medication is often used in conjunction with hair transplantation. If you are not experiencing further hair loss consider giving the treatment six months to see how effectively it is working for you.


Here is some additional information for you:

Propecia and Hair Transplantation


Propecia (finasteride) has shown to be useful in complementing a hair transplant for several reasons:

1. Propecia works best in the younger patient who may not yet be a candidate for hair transplantation.

2. Propecia is less effective in the front part of the scalp, the area where surgical hair restoration can offer the greatest cosmetic improvement.

3. Propecia can regrow, or stabilize hair loss, in the back part of the scalp where hair transplantation may not always be indicated.


The advancements in hair restoration through hair transplants are making it preferable to many hair loss sufferers. It does depend on your particular situation and the skill and artistry of the surgeon. But the latest technological advances makes it worth consideration for many men and some women. There are some good online libraries where you can review results and see what expectations you could set for yourself. Take a look at the site where i am a patient advocate just to better inform yourself.


Wishing You All the Best,


Patient Advocate


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