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Beware of Advanced Hair Studio




I started experiencing Hair Loss from 2006-07, its genetic. I happened to visit Advanced Hair Studio, and fall prey in their trap, they looted Rs. 1,09,000 plus taxes from me in lieu of Laser Therapy. They provide you some stupid laser therapy which actually never works, and charge you for Mintop 10% which is easily available at medical stores for some hundred bucks in Indian rupees. They are the greatest cheat one can ever meet. They are the liars. For their FUE and FUT method, they charge you per follicle. Their surgeons Dr. Manoj Khanna and Dr. Amit Gupta are partners in crime and also crook, they transplant only 500-1000 grafts (each graft contain two or ,more hair strands) and they charge for 5000 or 6000 strands. For each strand they charge from a range of Rs. 150 to Rs. 75 depending upon your financial status. Yes Financial status, they do look at which car you have come from, which wrist watch you are wearing and which brand you carry as your mobile. Depending upon your status they pitch you the rates per follicle. You would never be able to count how many strands they have transplanted, and they charge you Rs. 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs extra without doing anything. Their CEO is Sanket shah who also claims to have undergone Hair transplantation, which is an out and out lie.

He wears a hair piece and to give body to his hair which is on clip, where as he claims that he had done two procedures one hairtranspalnt and other non surgical hair treatment from Advanced Hair Studio. Which is biggest lie.


If you wish contact me at my email id mail2gm@sify.com and I would give you all the contacts of all other customers of Advanced Hair Studio who has been cheated and suffered.



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