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HT ? No. of grafts (approx.) ?



First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards the people contributing to/carrying forward this forum. I have learned a lot courtesy of this forum.


I have been losing hair for almost 5 years now. Hair loss areas -

1) Hair loss in Front and temples. Hairline has receded making the forehead region wide and pronounced. Expectation is to frame the face with a hairline in such a way that the forehead looks less wide and big.

2) Hair loss in the Crown region extending upwards to the mid scalp/top most point of the scalp. Expectation is to fill up this region.



Treatments tried till date -

1) I took Propecia two years back but stopped after 3 weeks because of the awful side effects. I do not intend to take it ever again.

2) I have been using Minoxidil for 4 months now with almost negligible results.

3) I have been using 2% Nizoral twice a week for almost two years now. I think it has helped a little bit in slowing the rate of hair loss.

4) I have also been using Nioxin for three months now. I find it to be a good shampoo.


Lately, I have been thinking of taking the HT route and started doing some research. I would really appreciate if members could advise/guide me in the following -


1) How many grafts (approx.) do you think I would require ?

2) FUE or FUT - This is a subject which I could really use some help in





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