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Day 2-4 (Thurs-Sat)

No pain at all in the recipient area but certain parts of donor area still feels tender. No pain tablets have been taken but swelling continues in the face. Woke up Friday (Day 3) with my right eye almost swollen shut. I got scared at first but it was to be expected. I have been using ice packs, which helps temporarily. I still feel like a tugging sensation once and a while where the stitches are but the area feels much better after I take a shower and run the area under warm water. I really hope most of the swelling is gone by Monday as I plan on returning back to work. Apart from the first night I think the worst part is the week of swelling in the face as its very noticeable.

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Again, thank you for sharing your detailed hair restoration experience!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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