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First night



Surgery day:

We want over the HT plan again and took final pictures before surgery. I was very nervous so Dr. Cam Simmons gave me a few pills and an injection to calm me down. I fainted when I received the needle but that’s pretty standard with me:). The strip was harvested and the recipient area was frozen. It was my first procedure so overall I was very nervous but after the area was frozen I felt comfortable. I would rather go to the dentist but the experience is kind of similar. By the end of the day it did get tiring setting in the chair for about 8hrs. Felt I was in good hands and everyone was professional. The one lady I talked with hade over 20yrs experiance and I believe the second one did as well.

Just a note that Dr. Cam Simmons has moved his office to the same location as Seager Medical Group. They share the same office.

First night:

Got home and felt no pain since the donor area and recipient area was numb. Felt just a very little pain around bedtime so I took one percocet so I could rest better without the pain potentially getting worse. Noticeable swelling on the forehead as expected. Tried to sleep but I was afraid of putting undue pressure on the sutures so I mostly stayed awake with my head elevated about 30degrees.

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Thank you for sharing your story with the community. Good luck! Look forward to reading more.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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