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Hello everyone

how are you?

Iam new here so hope you bear with me. So I really want everyone to realise when people say things on forums you should listen because we have dealt with it and we are letting you know the outcome.

me and my mum have been treated with the biggest disrespect by advanced hair studios.


i want everyone to really listen as this can benifit you.


The company only want money and there services DO NOT WORK.


They wont give us a refund of £1500 on the tretment to cure my mother bald patch on the top of her scalp. they just hounded her for the money knowing it wont work and there isnt even a proper customer service.

i will let you all know my mothers story until she gets what she deserves, my mother only wanted to help her baldness after dealing with to for 20 years now she is stressed all because of this dishonest and disgusting company and all there horriable employees.


Advanced hair studios i did say i will let everyone know the truth. you wil not hide behind your computers and phones and you need to deal with this like a real business.


Miss singer

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Bravo....this company have an appaling reputation and the more people that can post reviews such as this means that the company will really begin to lose custom and hopefully go out of business. It may be an idea to email them and keep a copy of all emails and replies, and also look up some before and after photos of your mothers hairloss situation to see if you can take legal action. Good luck with your mums situation.....hair loss can be distressing for a guy, but I am guessing it is more so for a woman.......There are many options she could look in to for treatment including a transplant, which is very effective and a pretty straight forward procedure.......I have to recommend you really do your research before hand tho so you don't get stung again!!! Good Luck.

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