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So close!!!



It's been a while since I've posted a blog on here. been concerned with other stuff right now.

My hair loss journey continues and I'm close to actually booking a consultation with the Vinci clinic here in Glasgow. I didn't know much about them at first but I've seen their results and for what I need (which isn't much) it will be ideal for me.

As I've said before, I'm lucky! I'm 34 years old and I have a good head of hair with no real signs that it's getting any worse. I've been off propecia for about 3 months now and I can't really see much difference either way, but my receding hairliine still plauges my mind at every turn.

I'm a rock and metal guy and even though I've been wearing it reasonably short I have the urge to grow it again so it's basically now or never as I'll probably have to get it shaved to complete the procedure.

After looking at old pics of myself I realise now that my receding is nowhere near as bad as I thought it was. I have what I call my 'dracula' point in the middle and I've always had it which gives the appearence of much more receding than what actually is. I can safely say it's just over an inch from my original hairline that I've gone back which for my ages is damn good and its reasonably thin as well and should be easy to straighten off.

It doesn't in any way take away from the horrible pain and torment that I share with everyone else on this forum, but It seems so much more in reach now than it ever did and I can't see the entire procedure being any more that 800 grafts max (FUE) in total which is both affordable and less time consuming.

I still refuse to take out a loan so I have a number of posessions that I can sell to get me going, I just need to take that final step and book a consultation and find out what the score is with pricing and procedure.

Wish me luck.......it begins here!!!



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