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minoxidil 5% results





Just thought I'd share my progress on minoxidil and alpecin shampoo. I'm 35, have been thinning and receeding since i was 20 atleast. Never really bothered me, think I look ok with a shaved head, but thought why not give minoxidil a go, particularly after I found a relisticly priced brand made by Kirkland for 3 months supply.

Three months and 9 days in, noticeable thickening I believe and possible growth at the front.

I felt a tingling the first time I put the minoxidil on the scalp and within days noticed a change in my hair and possible very fine light hair strands growing at the front which I hadn't noticed before.

To be honest I started a new job shortly after starting the minoxidil and with the feeling that there was improvement in my hair density I decided to let my hair grow from a grade 1/2 for the first time in ten years and started using grade three on the clippers. The most recent photo would be slightly longer than grade three on top.

I have notice no side affects and using the lotion with the pipette I find it practical to give it a quick rub in before bed and when you wake up.

In summary I was so impressed after the first two weeks I almost went and bought a years supply. I have just started my second three month supply and look forward to seeing the results in three months. Mind you know one has said anything, I havent told anyone, but I notice people are starting to look at my hair when they talk to me now lol, im just waiting for the day some comments and I can spill the beans.






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