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My Hair Transplant at Islamabad



I started lossing hair about ten years back. I never compromised with baldness and always wanted to have my hair back. Finally, I underwent HT at Islamabad by Dr Hamayun Mehmond on 4 Nov 2011. I have been transplanted with 2633 hair/grafts (I am not sure was it the no of grafts or hair....will clarify on consulting with my doctor tomorrow). The procedure went well and the surgery lasted for eight hours. Post operation recovery was also good as I had no swelling or pain or bleeding etc.

Tomorrow I shall have my stitches removed. I have no worries so far but one issue is boggling my mind. Some times I feel as if my hair line is bit too high. I am not sure if that is true or not. So I am uploading my pics so that I may get comments on the issue.



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