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Natural remedy tried and tested. It works results in 10 days




Don  -  October 6th, 2011 at 12:33 pm 
Dear all,
You might have read all the other comments by now, I read all these comments and bookmark this page 6 months ago! I had exactly the same problem but now I have a solution for you.There is some good news and some not so good news.well the solution of the problem is here, which worked on me and 3 of my other friends suffering with the same condition.
So here is what I tried!
1- stop using Head&Shoulders straight away.
2- buy olive oil shampoo from body shop with no sulphates (£6 a medium size bottle)
3- buy Black seed oil aka Kalonji oil (£5 for a small bottle lasts u 2 weeks)
4- buy a shower cap.

What I am going to describe you now will stop your hair loss altogether in 10 days straight.whatever u have lost by then won’t come back until 6 months or so but eventually start coming back then.this will also help you with greying hair.

Method: Everyday at night just going before to bed. Massage your head with black seed oil aka Kalonji oil ( can be bought from any Arab, Pakistani, Indian shop).
After a good massage with generous amount of oil for ten minutes put the shower cap on for about an hour to two hours.(this sweats your head and opens up pores which help in absorbing the oil).
When u massage u will notice tons of hair in your hand. Bear their number in mind so you can actually compare them after a few days.everyday the number of hair in your hands will become less and less.
Anyway leave the oil in your hair overnight and in the morning wash it off with the olive shampoo from body shop.
Repeat this process everyday.after about 10-14 days of regular use you will notice that your hair fall has stopped. Keep using atleast for 2 months for best results.but even after 10 days you will notice a huge difference.
This oil might cause some of you guy’s scalp become a bit dry. Not to worry if u wash your scalp with lime juice and leave it in for 30 min once a week.it will get rid of the dryness straighaway.
Good luck to everyone!
Any doubts google the use of black seed oil on hair.
It worked for me and my friends and we could see the results straight after 10 days and now after 6 months I also notice new hair coming out from where I had lost the most, which was on the top part of the scalp and the crown.

It’s cheap and natural and it works Miracles!!!!


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