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Have I been done?!!!



I'm 38 & work in the Music Industry. I wear a hat everyday to give me confidence at work & in public, but it's a bit of a problem when I have to attend something where I cannot wear my trusty hat. This lead's to comments (not cruel) about my appearance without my hat & I spend the rest of the time feeling very uncomfortable.

I first noticed that I was receding at 18 years old, but could hide it with my longer hair. Over the year's this has dimished. I use propecia to try & keep hold of what is left & would guess that i'm around a Norwood 5.

I can't shave my hair off due to my egg shaped dome & so decided to get a consultation at the Ziering clinic. Mainly due to the work done on Jason Gardner.

I visited today & was told by Dr Arthur Katona that due to my fine hair, I would probably require two procedures of 2-2500 grafts for complete coverage. This would start with 'packing' my hairline & front area. Then adding around 6-800 to my non-existent crown area. Before adding what was left to the top of my head.

I would then probably have to visit again if I wanted a complete all over coverage.

The soonest appointment available was in January. But I was told that I could save 10% if I took a cancellation on Monday. In the heat of the moment, I gave them a £2000 deposit. They informed me that I would have to pay the full amount by tomorrow (Friday) or the procedure would be cancelled.

When I arrived home, I decided to google the surgeon & haven't noticed anything bad. But after reading one or two comments on this site about Dolan Park, which is their sister clinic, I'm a little concerned...

Has anyone used Dr. Katona?



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