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My doctor search has led to more questions



I am really coming to understand that a succesful hair transplant is purely based off of personal perception. I see all too many photos where the patient says they are happy with the results that I would not have been if it were my head. For what we are paying for these procedures, I want better results, or a lower price. One or the other. Is that really too much to ask? It seems that many places are charging as much as they think the "average" person can afford, and providing results that the "average" person will be happy with. Hair transplantation is extremly costly compared to many other cosmetic procedures that are even more invasive. Hair transplants, do however, tend to take plus or minus eight hours to complete a procedure. It is a time consuming procedure.

Of course these opinions are just my own. I have seen excellent results, and poor results. Im basically just venting on this blog because I am having a hard time deciding on a doctor and if I will be believe the results were worth the cost. If I had unlimited funds, I would be at the "guys in Vancouver". Maybe that is how I should look at it. Wait until I can pay cash to them. It might be possible in another 8 months to do that. My God, $18,000!!!!!! cash paid for more hair! I would feel sick if the results were not FANTASTIC!!!!!! Really, I would expect a whole lot for $18,000!!!!! I think I should expect a whole lot for that amount of money. I want "life changing" results for $18,000.

I hope some readers can give me their opinions...


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