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Deciding on a Doctor?



I had my first procedure done in late 2007 with Dr. Wentland. My recollection is that is was more about how much I could spend than what I really needed to be happy with the results. I spent $2800 on the front hair section only. I had the option to have crown work done for a extra $700. I declined. As of today, I am sure I have more hair in the front than if I had done nothing. The hair, however is much less dense that what I believe is considered "normal" for a procedure.

I am ready to do another surgery. I have pretty much narrowed down my Doctor choices to; Dr. Kenneth Siporin in LA, Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix, AZ, or Samson hair restoration in LA , or Hasson & Wong.

I went to a consultation at Samson first. I never met with a doctor. This was a bit of a concern for me. I met with the owner of the company, William McCullough. He talked to me about their clinic. He answered the questions I had. He estimated that 2600 or so graphs would be done in the front and crown area combined. He was very nice and informative. I do not believe that a doctor is needed to estimate certain things like a graft count, however, I want to meet the person that will be cutting me open and putting slices in my skin. I later e-mailed Mr. McCullough and said I wanted to see some immediate post-op photos and I would like to meet with the Doctor that would be doing my work a week before I scheduled something. He sent me some photos like I asked and said it would be fine to meet up with the Doctor. Unfortunately, I just do not see enough information about them on-line to better educate myself. I have been given the opportunity to meet with patients, however, I might not know what Doctor did their work. This is a issue with me when a clinic has several Doctors. Quality can be different, I suppose. They said the cost would be $6,500. They do not charge by the graft, so they say, but by the region. Im not sure how I feel about this. I can see ups, and down to this.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Alexander today. I e-mailed photos a few days ago. Based on the photos, he recommends at least 2,000 in the crown alone. I mentioned that crown coverage is very important for me. He charges $4.00 per graft. He does not offer discounts for larger sessions as some do. He seems to have an excellent reputation. He mentioned the importance of a Doctor placing the grafts in the appropriate angle and direction, especially in the crown for a natural look. I do not think I would have any hesitation about letting him perform the work. The pricing is my only obstacle at this time. If I believe that Dr. Siporin provides the same quality of work and I can get it for less, well then, that is just common sense.

I have my in-person meet with Dr. Siporin next week. I sent photos and did a brief consultation based off of that. I plan on having a list of questions written down so that I do not forget anything. I also always bring my computer with photos of myself and any hairstyle I would like to have and ask if it seems realistic. I was originally quoted $10,000 for 2,500 grafts based on my photos only. Im well aware that this may change when I meet in person. I have also found a possible discount from them that he may honor as well. That would make a major reduction in the cost of the surgery. He is a local Doctor to me as well, this may have an impact on my decision.


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How is your surgeon search going? I had both my hair transplants with Dr. Alexander. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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I did send photos and call and talk with Dr. Alexander. I think I met with him last year when I lived in Phoenix.


I am, of course, considering Hasson and Wong. I sent photos and had a e-mail consultation with them. They felt that 4000 grafts could be done in one procedure.


The other doctor that I met with locally, in Los Angeles, felt he could do up to 2,500 at one time. He is a reputable doctor, however, I was really hoping to see more close-up post-op photos of the implanted grafts like so many other Doctors have. Post-op close-ups are a good indication of the artistic abilities of the Doctor. I have not grasped a clear idea of what 2,500 grafts will do for density as well. He seems to do smaller sessions and because of this, the pre and post op photos I saw are not what I would be happy with.

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