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I need some help.




Hello everyone,

I have spent hours reading posts on this site in the last 3 days. I am very impressed with the site and the fact that there are decent members who are taking the time to share their experience and provide help to other members.

About 4 years ago, I noticed that I am losing hair (I took pics for my hair 4 years ago, available under my profile). I think stress might have accelerated the process. I started taking Propecia and Rogaine on and off for the last 14 months. It seems like it helped. However, I am still not happy. Now, I am considering HT. My questions are:

1- I noticed some members advising others to spend 1-2 years researching. I agree with the fact that I need to do some research. However, 1-2 years? That got my worried if I am getting into something that could be way more serious than what I expected. I would like to know?

2- I live in Maryville TN, Looking for a HT surgeon in the area. However, I am willing to fly to get it done with one of the best HT surgeon. Because I do not want to risk it. Any recommendations? Based on what I read, Dr. Rahal and Dr. Shapiro are one of the best. Anyone else nearby or is it worth it to fly to either one?



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They both have great reputations. I suggest you LITERALLY write out a list of questions you have. Visit Doctors sites, see if they answer your questions there, then send photos for a on-line evaluation, or VIDEO, that may be even better to evaluate, post it on youtube and provide the Doctor the link. Then personally ask the Doctor your questions Then when you find a Doc that meets your expectations, possibly schedule a in-person, then have it done if it all feels right.


With some effort, I think you should find a excellent Doctor you are happy with in a month or two.


Some Docs may have poor "bedside manner" but perform excellent work. Others may be very charming but lack artistic skill needed. I want excellent work done, even if the guy acts like a "dead log" My biggest concern is the outcome of the work!

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