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12 month post HT



Hi Guys,

Well it has been 12 months since my surgery with Doctor Kulukarn at DHT Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand (August 2010).

I've experienced a good result and look significantly younger than I did a year ago. I was basically a Norwood VI with significant hairloss prior to my surgery. Here are details of my operation from the clinic:

The total area of baldness is 133 cm2 and we get involved in the front 110 cm2 [leave the crown untouch]. The density is gradually spread at the half front at 40-50 grafts per square and 20-30 grafts half back. I condense the forelock area with 3-4 hair units. The first 3 rows comprise of single hair unit to make it smooth look.

The total number is 3,743 FUG,or 7,745 hairs

1 hair unit= 660

2 hair unit= 2366

3 hair unit=515

4 hair unit =202

I attended the clinic in Bangkok last month for a review with Doctor Kulukarn and I think that we were both in agreeance that I've had a good result. One of the hair technicians took new photos and she showed me the before/after photos and made the comment that the photos taken prior to the surgery look my father and I look like the son now. May'be not so significant but I do look 10 years younger. I understand that many 'young guns' would not be happy with the density that I have but I'm 50 years old and I'm happy which is the main thing... I had given up hope that I would ever have hair again and was going to have to resort to having to shave my head to a number 1 :( buzz cut.

I'll try to add my photographs.

Regards Rod


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