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A rant!



Some folk suit being bald. They really do and they look both stylish and distinctive. Some people choose to be bald by shaving their head right down to the scalp and all power to them. To have the choice must be wonderful.

I however absolutely know that I would not suit being bald or losing my hair. It really is amazing how much of your personality and character lives on the top of your head and how it can change the way you look by framing your face.

I look at balding actors on the TV and I always put my thumb up so it covers their head and just shows their face and BAM! It instantly knocks about 15 years off them. There is no getting away from it, losing your hair makes you look OLD. No sorry I will rephrase that, old is good and can look great. To my eyes It makes you look like you are malnourished, diseased and past a certin point of virility that most men do not hit until their early 50's now (if at all)

I lead a healthy lifestyle. I work out, my diet is a protein rich, vitamin laced menu of real, whole organic foods and fruits and I feel great in the fact that if there is a part of me that I don't like then I can change it with excercise, good nutrition and patience (this goes back to my teens when I suffered from bad acne and a good diet all but cured me!) Now I'm no control freak, but I do like to have options and losing my hair is one of the biggest frustrations I thnk I have ever encountered. No amount of working out or good food will grow my hairline back and that really, really angers me. I'm lucky in the fact that I am just receding at the temples and I can still go out and look perfectly fine with a bit of combing, but my hairstyle is limited to a middle parting or slightly off centre. I'm a rock man so I wear it long but there is no variety at all that I can do and this frustrates me even further.

I've been on Propecia for three months now and I am slightly confused about what the drug is meant to do. I have heard so many different reports from different people and I am wondering what one is correct? I've heard people say it halts receding altogether while others say it only slows it down. Others say it will promote new growth and others say that new growth is impossible on it.

3 months in I have had a few tufts of very fine but dark hair grow in aroudn the edges of my receding. This occured quite soon after taking tem so I was understandably excited but not much seems to be happeneing now. I'm just wondering if it is worth paying £40 a month for a few baby tufts of hair that I can do nothing with. I am becoming increasingly disilusioned with hair transplants because of the highly overblown price of them. There's no arguing about it, it IS far too expensive. There are many skilled and artistic jobs out there that are both time consuming and require a flare for style and none are as expensive as HT.

I find the term 'cosmetic' in regard to hair restoration both insulting and devious. No one knows the tramua that a man goes through when he loses his hair exept that man and it is deep and distresing yet to do something about it is seen as a luxury treatment, a frivolous expense to rub one's own ego and the medical community has pounces on this like a pack of wolves on a wounded calf.

Paying isn't a problem. It really isn't. I don't know wany man who wouldn't fork out a bit to look his absolute best when it comes to hair, but the only reason that these prices are as they are is because they can be and that is all. No one denies doctors their living, but for me it will have to come down by at least half before I am willing (or able) to pay out. A reduction in price would enable the more common man to afford the treatment WITHOUT landing himself in debt and surgeries would be swamped, guarenteed!

I have high hopes for the future though. HT are becoming much more widely accepted and public which will hopefully drive competition up and prices down. I remember when Botox was a celebrity only treatment that you really had to pay for and book in advance. Now any hair saon has a botox booth for a reasonable price and, altough I wouldn't like it to go that 'cheap' I am hoping that good quality HT will become much more affordabe for the billion+ laymen that are out there and can seriously consider it in their budget instead of desperatly seeking out credit cards and paying money that they don't have!

I just hope it's sooner rather than later! :S







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