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My 5604 grafts H.T. with Dr. Rahal (day 18 update)




My 5604 grafts HT with Dr. Rahal (day 18 update)

I am now 18 days post-op from my hair transplant surgery with Dr. Rahal and I thought I would offer you all an update on my progress. For those who have read my previous post, you are already aware that I was extremely pleased with every aspect of the surgery. I am also happy to report that for the two weeks following the surgery (I remained in Ottawa for this period of time), Dr. Rahal and his team offered me an incredibly high level of post-op care and attention. I was seen on a daily basis by Dr. Rahal and his crew saw to it that my grafts and donor area were properly cleaned and cared for every day. I am now back at home and things are progressing nicely. I could not be happier. I am including in this blog a couple of pictures that show my progress ( pictures are from day 15). I will do my best to keep you all informed of the improvements over time and of the growth.


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