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The Continuing story (1 week into 3rd month of Propecia))



I'm reading a lot about other people Propecia stories, particularly if anyone has had regrowth in the temple region because, obviously that's where my problem is. The overwhelming opinion is that it's rare to see any regrowth at all and it is simply a stabalizer for teh loss.

I find that interesting becasue I am still finding new tufts of regrowth almost every time I look in the mirror. As I've mentioned before it's not thick and it's quite sporadic but it's starting to become noticable now. I can clearly see a slight widening of my hairline and the tops of my receding 'horns' are starting to get darker with the finer tufts that are growing in and so seems to be blending much much more with the rest of my hair. I guess I am one of the luckier ones becasue I neverexpected this to happen at 2/3 months in. I'm considering getting some regane foam to use as well since the propecia is working so goo I thought I might give it a hand and see what happens. According to writings the fine hairs caused by the propecia should thicken up and if I can encourage ore with the regane then it may just save me a bit of money when I do go for my HT.

Even now with this small improvement I feel more confident and ready to deal with life in a much better state of mind.


I still feel very outraged that this horrible condition that affecst men is still seen as trivial. It is not, it is a MAJOR psycological handicap and really should be recognised as such in the interestes of metal health.

I was discussing this issue with a gentleman who is a fairly bald, matcho type and he says that it doesn't matter and real men should just accept it. I would bet every hair on my head that if an affordable, non invasive cure was found tomorrow for baldness that he would be first in line. Similarly the attitude of women has to come a long way as well. Listening to a friend of a friend go on about it you would think that to have any kind of hairtreatment if you are a man is the same as admiting you are not a man, but if you are a woman and suffer hair loss it is somehow more distressing and tragic.

Opinios are just that though and I am delighted to see that celebrities are bringing these treatments into the spotlight and hopefully oen day I will be able to visit my local heirdresser for a quick touch up of my hairline! :)



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