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Post Op Day 1



I woke up feeling good. I did take on percocet and 1 valium before bed. I was hesitent as I don't usually take pain medications, but I figured it would help me fall asleep quickeer and allow me to sleep on my back with my hed slightly elevated as requested (I'm usually a side sleeper). There was a bit of blood here and there which was to be expected and is why they give you a special pillow case to use for a few days.

I'm debating on taking some tylenol for some of the tightness I'm feeling in the back of my head, but its only about a 2/10 on a pain scale and more of just minor discomfort that I can ignore for the most art. Other than that, I'm enjoying a day off and catching up on some work around my apartment and spraying the grafts down about 2x/h with the saline solution provided.

I'll try to post some pics later after I take a shower. Hopefully that will get rid of some of the blue dye they use to see the incision sites and give a more realistic look of what I'll look like for the next few days. Cheers.

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So just another note to add that I think is important was that I recieved a call from Dr. Haber early they day after surgery checking in and making sure everything was ok. I'm sure there are other surgeons who do that, but doing that and giving me a number to get ahold of him if there were problems continues to show he goes a long ways to make sure his patients are well taken care of. Fortunately I haven't had to call him at all as things have gone so well, but its nice to know that if I had concerns or worries I could get ahold of him in the drop of a hat.

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