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2 months down!



It's been a while since I've been on here. Been busy, busy with work so here's my update.

I'm just about to complete my 2nd month of being on Propecia. I'm definately getting some growth back in the form of some small thin baby tufts around the receding parts of my temples. It's nothing I can style obviously and under a light you can hardly see it but it's nice to know that soemthing is happening.

One thing I have noticed about Propecia is that Chemists seem to be vert poorly stocked. I visited two with my prescription and both said they would have to order it in which took a day or two (in the end I lost 5 days of not taking it!) Plus the price seems to vary a great deal. In one Pharmacy I was charged £28 but in another it was £36 for a months supply. Quite outrageous and obviously exploiting the people who use it.

Anyway, I am going to be on these for 6 months and then I shall book my consultation for transplant. I've decided that it's FUE all the way for me. I saws an FUT procedure on the telly and it put me off. I really don't want a strip of flesh torn out of the back of my head, so even though it may cost a bit more it's 100% FUE.

My favourite in the running is still the Farjo clinic. I realise the Dr's Farjo mainly do FUT but I do know that they do FUE in special cases and to be honest I really only have a very small area that will need a transplant. I am lucky that at 34 I still have thick hair over about 90% of my head and that it is just my hairline at the front that needs fixed due to my temples receding so I think FUE will be very suitable for me.

It will be good to get the consultation out of the way and I actually have a price and an Idea of what the Doctor is going to do, but that is a while off yet. In the meantime, it's hair brushed forward or baseball cap on!

Until next time!






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