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General question

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What age  is appropriate for the first minor crown  Transplant . If it’s nothing completely thinned out yet. But  It runs in my family . I am 27 I have Been on meds for about a year. 

The  photos Below include my hair at 3 different lengths 




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I honestly don't think it's a matter of age. Well, perhaps a little - but more for how mature the patient is.  A good understanding of what's involved is huge.

First consider family history....Next your own pattern and how much donor you have available. (And always keep in mind, if you've shown the propensity to lose, this will continue).

I am glad to hear you've been on some type of medical therapy.  Please continue.  It truly takes a good year to see if you'll experience enhancement.  

Looking at your crown, yes you are thin - but not to the point you should be considering transplants.  Remember, we all share a whirl.  This is the weakest area for all of us and to be a bit thin is normal and natural.

My suggestion is to continue the course and, perhaps, add another modality to the mix.  A laser, Rogaine, something.  Also, take a set of photos and put them away and do the same thing 6 months from now.  I'll venture to say you'll look fuller than you look today.

You are keeping your hair rather short.  Consider growing it for another week....


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I haven’t tried laser or prp . What’s your take on those ? 
Also what’s your opinion on long hair smp
I was thinking about getting smp to eliminate the hair/ scalp color contrast but wasn’t sure how it would come out. 

thanks for replying! 


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PRP and laser, when done together, (and correctly), can help reverse miniaturization and can help bring in results of a transplant a lot faster.  A few providers really know what they're doing and are getting awesome results.  Like any other modality, however, these need to be done periodically to maintain the effect.  

SMP can be a great technique, particularly to camouflage thinning.  It can help minimize the contrast. So, if you have dark hair and light scalp, it can help you postpone a procedure.  Make sure they use organic ink so the body can metabolize it.  Then repeat as needed/required.

I can gladly guide you to providers that do these things.....

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Yes if you can Pm message me . Or either leave in the comment box. A good laser device , prp location . And also smp clinic I can check I would highly appreciate it. 

also what’s your opinion on micro-needling ? I have been using a dermapen off and on. Not too sure about the progress though. @LaserCap

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