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My hair transplant experience

Ricky D


My hair had started receding 3 years ago and decided to do something about it. Finisterade just wasn't working anymore. A buddy of mine had a great experience with Dr Alba Reyes in the Dominican Republic. I emailed them and set a date June 7th 2018. The cost was $5000 for 6000 grafts. I gave a $1000 deposit to lock down date and rest was due when i got there. Included was being shuttled from airport, to hotel and to doctors office. Hotel and meals were included in the price as well. It was a all inclusive deal. Simple. When i arrived i was greeted by the driver and he checked me into the hotel. He then drove me for the 1st initial visit to meet Dr Reyes. They took my blood pressure and checked to make sure i had no issues since i had decided to be put under anesthesia while FUE transplants were being done. Went back to hotel for a good night rest. Next morning driver picked me up and the process started. Dr Reyes said i would approximately have about 5800grafts from my donar area. We decided to do frontal area 1st and the next year do the back crown area. She formed a grid, put me under and surgery started at 9am. I woke up around 4pm and they were just finishing up. They put bandages on me and sent me back to the hotel for the night. Next day they pulled bandages off and washed my head. Put bandages back on and gave me directions on maintenance for the next year. Sent me back to hotel and left the next morning.  It was a great experience. I highly recommend them. It ended up costing close to $6000 with the flight. 





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Best results in a quick time...how quick?

Board certification....in hair restoration?

Expertise....Where did you learn? Do your doctors have fellowships?

What types of procedures do you offer?

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