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Recommendations for surgents with Curly African American FUE EXPIRENCE



Had a procedure with about 800 grafts from Dr. Yates in Chicago. Terrible job, poor growth . Any recommendations for doctors with experience and good growth with AA Hair. Beside Dr.Diep? 

His waiting list is entirely to long . Looking for other options . Please Input 🙏🏼


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@Melvin-Moderator I am 25 so looking to stay conservative as possible. As we all know grafts are limited . And future loss will happe eventually. I’m currently on finasteride for 4 months shedding has stopped completely . Just looking for a good surgents this time for a procedure . I know it is difficult with my curly hair texture. But I appreciate you referrals. I see you on here a lot do you have any nice AA Fue results you can forward me ? Also what’s your opinion with Vories Down In S.C ? And also Behnam in La






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You just started propecia. I say give it a year until you see the full results. You still have a lot of hair, there's a good chance that it will get a lot better with finasteride. Are you dermarolling? If not get on that ASAP. You need to incorporate Minoxidil as well. You can still save your hair without surgery. I think you caught it just in time. You need to start microneedling with minoxidil every day and take finasteride religiously. I think your hairline has a good chance of coming back. In the meantime, use hair fibers.

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@Melvin-Moderator First thanks for your knowledgeable FeedBack 🙏🏼.  Now I have been on finasteride for 4 months. I have stop the shedding but I haven’t experienced any new growth at all. Do you know anyone who got re growth ? And if so around what time phase.  Also I have a microneedling pen from hairliciously. They instructed once a week at 1.5 Needle. And I also use minioxldi every day at night. On the days I microneedle I wait 24 hours. Do you have any photos of micro needle results to? 

But any way thanks a lot. I will wait until around December to re think the surgery and give everything else a chance to work it’s magic 🙏🏼

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Hi man,

I totally agree with Melvin’s advice and input, you’ve caught it at a good time.

Here is my Microneedling progress thread link:

You may also want to go on YouTube and search Keratin Brotherhood, great informative channel especially for A.A. Hair loss but everyone in general, he is also on Reddit.

Best of Luck!


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