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25 AA male . Looking for a conservative due procedure to add density to frontal.

previous surgery 800 graphs , and I’m not happy with the growth. I will probably need crown surgery down the line so I’m trying to stay conservative as possible. Also considering long hair due to help camoflouge some of the thinning areas. Professional opinion needed 





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Urgent!! But you want to stay conservative.  Go figure.

800 grafts is what is needed to do an eyebrow and does absolutely nothing - which is what you have.  Who convinced you of such thing?  Did you pay a lot? Bet not.

Criticism aside, Where exactly did they place the grafts?  Unfortunately, and because the way the photos are taken, it is hard to say if the current hairline you have is in the middle of your forehead or higher up.  

You have curly hair which gives you more lateral coverage, a nice benefit to have.  Your hair also seems coarser.  Negative? your hair is stark black and there will always be a bit of contrast between the color of the hair and the skin.  

Again, and because of the angle, it is hard to see what is going on throughout your head.  Because you are concentrating the photos to the frontal third, I can only assume this is where the grafts were placed.  Were they placed on the corners only or placed diffusely through the whole front?

Are you doing any type of medical therapy, (Rogaine, Propecia, Laser or PRP?  

You will need TONS of grafts to achieve the density that you seem to have elsewhere.  And, perhaps, multiple procedures. This will use up a big percentage of the available grafts in the donor area.  Was your first procedure FUT?  If so, even through it was a small procedure, it will bring up the issue of elasticity.

I want you to run through this exercise:  Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? (Don't tilt your head down).  The front.  That's what you see, that's what others see when you interact with others.  This is why this area is primordial.  In the crown we all have a whirl.  A distinct point from which hair stems.  It goes in all directions and you don't get the benefit of hair shingling like you do in the front and top.  It typically takes many procedures, large numbers of grafts, and a doctor that knows what to do. Perhaps you can take a better set of photos, and of your whole head.

There are many contributors in this site that will truly help you, just need more info.


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