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Opinion Needed



26 year on M. African American . I had braids for 6 years which I feel accelerated hair loss. I got a small fue procedure a year ago for 800 grafts out of a small area and I feel it was over harvested. I expirenced shock loss in the area as well. Any way fast forward a year later I let my hair grow out longer and you cant tell but soon as I cut it . It’s pretty obvious . I’m looking to feel in frontal zones and crown with good density. Do you think my donor can handle a 1500-2000 graft session without being obviously harvested? And possible have enough for one more session down the line ?  I was reading they can extract from sides as we’ll. Lastly fut crossed my mind but I’m scared or scar stretching . Should I go fue ? Is it a good idea ? 


I also understand that that I am 26 and hair loss may continue . But waiting is not an option .i know I will need a future procedure down the line and that is fine. Just looking for an good opinion 











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It's hard to say, your donor looks good, but by your own admission it's because of the length. Can you try and post pictures with your hair cut shorter? Either way I wouldn't get a hair transplant on the crown, the crown is likely to expand and you don't want to be left with a "donut hole" in the crown. This refers to a circle of hair surrounded by balding. I suggest using fibers like caboki or toppik.

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Yeah the crown is bothering me a lot. I keep hearing that I should stay away from the crown. But I was thinking about putting a couple hundred grafts in the crown then coming back if it got worse . 

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