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pre and post op with DR bhatti 3700 grafts



I arrived in India for my hair transplant, excuse the French still shitting my self haha I decided to get picked up from the airport from a driver who the clinic sent for me.. just thought I would for the first day to get settled, we drove to my hotel which I managed to get discounted with Dr bhatti absolutely beautiful place.. would recommend to anyone thinking of going over there its called the altius hotel in chandigarh.. anyways get settled in and few hours later the driver came back to pick me up from the hotel, to take me to see the DR Bhatti, got there and made me feel right at home straight away hes a funny man haha but we sat down and had a look at what he could do for me know he had seen me and checked my hair in person.

we desided that around 2500 grafts in the front and 1200 in the back would be a good start for me.. he was realistic with everything and what outcome to expect etc even the out come I have now is a millions times better than I imagined.

anyways next day I went for the hair transplants, no words for it really was such a smooth and well organised day, the only slight pain I felt through the whole procedure was the injection to numb your head, was just nice just to sit chill watch a few films while there hard at work giving me a hairline back thumbs_up.gif stopped half way through the day for dinner which was amazing get a menu of pretty much anything you want!

anyways got finished there and got drove back to the hotel, felt absolutely ecstatic I finally had my hair transplant done and it was just a waiting game now.. that's the hardest bit waiting haha anyways got a list of instructions from the clinic with exactly what to do to look after the my head and everything that night so there was no confusion, plus what tablets to take which they provide pain killer etc

anyways check out the photos

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