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4120 FUT-Grafts with Dr Suneet Soni, Medispa



I’d considered doing something about my genetic baldness for years. But the truth is I felt awkward discussing something that personal with someone else… I didn’t want them thinking I was too vain or pre-occupied with my hair. Talking over the phone with Dr. Suneet Soni broke the barrier. He immediately appealed to me as a friendly, honest kind of person who understands how people feel about their appearance. He confirmed me about the aesthetic result and prepared me for the surgical procedure. Initially, I had many doubts and confusion, but all went off after receiving the pre-procedure consultation at Medispa.


Before visiting Dr. Suneet Soni, a few others had turned my way, saying that essentially my situation was hopeless. I remember leaving their clinics with a great feeling of dread and sadness at the prospect of living with a hat on my head for the rest of my years. From the moment I met Dr. Suneet Soni he gave me a feeling of great hope though I remained somewhat skeptical.



He explained to me to need to be self-restraint as the FUT technique of hair restoration would be a 5 steps process to do it. I appreciated his reluctance to not do it all at once, get his money, and move on… though I wanted it fixed for the very next day!



Glad to say that I received 4120 FUT grafts in a single session for the grade NW-V baldness.



Finally, Dr. Suneet was the first transplant surgeon I ever met who did not discuss his fee as his first order of service. He was very gracious with the cost of hair transplant and allowed a modest cost of the procedure. Bottom line is that I genuinely felt and still feel that he wants to help me and understands my situation. He is down to earth, friendly and best of all… accessible.



His entire staff has been and continues to be absolutely wonderful in accommodating me and I also feel they care about the end result for me.



Thank You, Dr Suneet Soni and the entire Medispa team.


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Hello @dasankur, good to read about your successful hair transplant. I am also contemplating HT from Dr. Suneet. I was wondering if you have documented your hairloss, results after the surgery so that I can feel more convinced. I am already convinced from the clinic's portfolio, but still looking for personal uploads more. Thank you in advance 

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