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3.5 months in..... Growth is coming!!



Ok so I purposely waited until the end of March to post again as I started to see new hairs sprouting so thought I would give it a couple of extra weeks and then update and take some photos. Given you aren't really meant to see growth until 4-6 months and even then it's very gradual I'm really pleased with where this is heading!


So the bits to watch for between 2-3.5 months is a dry scalp and I've used a coconut oil on my hair every 2-3 days called Kokosa (it's a baby coconut oil) and kept my hair completely nourished. I have also bought a lot of paraben free shampoo to make sure I give the new hair every fighting chance. I have to say every day since the two month mark has been exciting, waking up seeing another hair sprouting and the little fine hairs getting stronger. I came into this process with low expectations so as not to be disappointed however, I can honestly say pick the right surgeon like Feriduni and really take care of your hair in the first couple of weeks and you'll be over the moon like I am

Given I'm now just over 3 months I can only imagine what this will look like at the 12 months mark which is the real time to make an assessment.


really funny a friend of mine recently said wow it's a lot of money to spend after he just bought a new car and I said I have always believe the first investment you should me is in yourself and I'm thrilled so far with mine





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