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Scott's Hair Loss and Regrowth Journey



Today is my first day at home from 2 day procudure with Dr.Anil Shah who is located in Watertower at 845 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Believe me I was scared to death to get this done as I do not like needles and yes I had several shots. However they made the 2 day procedure as painless as it possible could be. One reason is they use a robot called ARTAS. This helps to minimize the pain by having the most advanced robot ever used for this procedure that not only minimizes any pain, but has the highest results and no linear scars or plugs. My procedure was Thursday and Friday where they harvested 1,500 hairs and transplanted back into the areas that needed to be filled in. I also had Cellular PRP which will also help to achieve the highest results. I will blog daily on how this journey is going. I will start with 1 picture from top of my head day before to 3 pictures of me today. No pain today at all. Only slightly swollen face as you are face down for allot of the procedure as the robot is doing its thing.



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