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Dr. Rahal Review - 2,431 grafts



If you are looking for one of the best hair restoration clinics in the world, look no further than Rahal. Last August (2017), I had a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure performed (2,431 grafts, 4,811 hairs total) in order to restore my hairline and areas in the frontal core of my scalp. Initially, I was highly skeptical that my hair could be restored. I had heard over and over again that if you were disposed to male pattern baldness you didn't have many options outside of shaving your head. Wow, was I wrong! Only three months into the growth period (with another six months to go), I have a new hairline and zero self-consciousness about my hair anymore! So, what makes Rahal different? Well, first off, as a Rahal patient you can expect to benefit from the most cutting edge hair restoration technology and scientific knowledge in the industry. Dr. Rahal and his team are consummate professionals, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to working with patients to determine the optimal course of action with respect to their unique hair loss situations and executing those plans to precision. During my experience with Rahal over the last seven months, I’ve learned so much about hair restoration, mostly because Dr. Rahal and his staff place a priority on educating patients about the process so that there is complete transparency and so that patients know exactly what they need to do on their own end post-op to achieve amazing results. Beyond Rahal’s superior technical expertise and execution, what you can also expect as a Rahal patient is the best customer service in the industry. Once I had scheduled my surgery, I was assigned to Sita, one of Dr. Rahal’s patient care coordinators, who has been nothing short of amazing in answering all of my questions, guiding me through the pre- and post-op processs, routinely checking in on my progress, and displaying personalized care and concern. Moreover, Mike, a member of Dr. Rahal’s expert surgical staff, in addition to his compassionate care during my procedure, provided me with his personal cell phone number and promptly responded, even on weekends, to my text messages when I had questions. Simply put, I have never experienced such outstanding customer care as I have with Rahal. They truly value and prioritize customer satisfaction. As an organizational psychologist by profession, I interact with many companies in my consulting endeavors. Without a shadow of a doubt, Rahal is one of the most impressive operations I’ve ever witnessed. From its unmatched hair restoration techniques to its company culture that oozes passion for transforming patient lives, Dr. Rahal and his staff are simply the best, period.


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