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5021 Grafts with Dr. Koray Erdogan - 18/01/2018

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Hello Forum Members;

Normally i do not post online however this forum has helped me great deal to understand hair transplant and different techniques existed . I will make it short because i know many of you have read so many blogs and forums just like me before the surgery.

Straight to the point, it took me more than 3 years to decide on performing FUE and choosing the right Dr.

I had few options available but in the end i went with Dr. Koray Erdogan just because he has some good results .

Dr. Koray Erdogan quoted me 5500 grafts in online consultation. I was happy with it because i am NW5 and i was greedy for more grafts regular_smile.gif

I will not go through the experience of going to Turkey from Australia and how good is ASMED clinin and his staff. You can find plenty of information about it.

But just one line. The clinic is state of the art and his staff is really professional. My Interpreter was Esen and she was really helpful.

Initial Consultation

on 17/1/2018 i had my initial face to face consultation with Dr. Erdogan and we discussed my hair loss condition and realistic restoration plan.

I wasn't happy with the frontal line he draw but when he explained to me the limited number of donor grafts and to achieve better density it was necessary to go with natural looking hairline for my age rather than unrealistic see through hairline .

The plan was ready for next day. I met few other guys at the clinic who were scheduled for same day surgery. So it was good fun at hotel.

Surgery Day 18/01/2018

First 2500 grafts were extracted and implemented on day 1 in the frontal area. There is little discomfort but at the end of the day it is cosmatic surgery and it is not really painful.

Surgery Day 19/01/2018

The remaining 2512 grafts were extracted and implanted in vertex and Crown area.

First Wash 20/01/2018

The clinic performed the wash and provided me the video instructions ,shampoo and other documents on what to avoid for next 6 months.

I flew out on same day and the driver dropped me to the airport.


There is itchiness here and there but overall i am doing really well. For me the pain of surgery was not an issue but i was more worried about post surgery care .

I am paranoid about accidently hitting my head and destroying the grafts. Although i did bump my head on couple of occassions but the clinic responded really well and restored my grafts ( 2 of them).

Other than that i am taking care of grafts well so far.

Today is the 5th day of my second surgery and i am back home after long flight ( Istanbul to Melbourne).


Now is the waiting game

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Can you please update your results.

Looking fwd.

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