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Hello to all readers. I am writing this post to show my experiance with my 2nd ht in order to help others in their decision about ht and doctor selection.

I am writing this post in real time so i don´t know the resoults yet, but we will find out together.


Im am 33 years old male with diffuse alopecia. I havent noticed it but i we been losing my hair for the last 10 to 15 years. Four years ago i noticed that the densety of my hair is very bad, especialy on top of my head and in my front line with recending sidelines.

I have decided to act upon it first with lotions, shampones, minoxidil and lastly ht. I have, fairly easy, decided on marketed ( in my country) ht clinic from Turky (Sante plus). The resoults were extra bad, unprofesional, ht done probobly without a doctor, i was told that i had a 2500-3000 grafts transplanted (in 4 hours) but it looks more like 500-700 grafts, badly placed, not dense enough, very bad hair line (one side was 1,7 cm lower than the other) and so on… i don t want to waste my words on that.

A year and half after i decided to do my second ht, and my idea was to get the best quality for my money. My selection was between dr Demirsoy, dr Doganay and dr Erdogan.

Dr Demir was the chipest one but i did not see some good results with duffuse hl, and his densety could not compare with the other two. Dr Erdogan did seemed like the best doctor but he was a litle bit expensive and he couldnt scedual an operation in time that i neded. Dr Doganay was also a great doctor with plenty experiance with diffuse hl and did an excelent job with hair densety so i selected him.


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