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My Transplanted Hair Started Falling Out Way After It Had Regrown



Hey,guys and gals!

I think I have a some kind of genetic scalp condition that prevents my scalp from keeping the transplanted follicles. I had a successful surgery back in 2014. After a year in 2015, I could see very good results, not great, but very good. I was using Minoxidil 5% foam for the whole year after the surgery following my sureon's recomendation. Once I stopped using the foam back in 2015, my tranplanted hair began falling out slowly, but surely. Now, at the end of 2017, more than half of my transplanted hair is gone. Also, the area in the back of my head, above the scar, never regained a full sense. It still feels like it was asleep and coming out of it. I doubt that my condition is so rare, that there are no cases like that. I've seen plenty of guys with shaved heads and with the scars in the back and no hair in the front. I don't think they had botched surgeries due to the quality of the scar, but I could be wrong. It's just so frustrating to spend over 13 grand on the surgery and watching that money go down the drain. I'm gonna have to get a hair system pretty soon since the hair loss is progressive and I expect to lose the rest of my transplanted hair in the next couple of years. They say that transplanted follicles are immune to DHT. I think in my case, it's not true. DHT is killing my transplanted hair and I'm mad as hell. Again, I could be wrong, but there is something wrong with my scalp. I don't even know if my condition could've been diagnosed before the procedure. Sorry, guys, that I'm being a turd in the Christmas punch bowl, but people should be aware of my situation. Maybe there is a way to diagnose this thing.


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