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New Member, Hasson and Wong or Rahal?



Hi All!

Although I've follwed the network for years, this is my first time being a member. I've been a hair loss sufferer for years now and have decided to to something about it. I'm 26 going on 27 and have done loads of research (for about 5 years) and am going to have surgery during the summer.

After consulting with Hasson and Wong, I am pretty close to commit to them- but I am a bit torn, due to a few complaints on them on this forum. I also started to look at Rahal, and I think he does exceptional hairline work, but isn't as strong in the density region (I have diffused thinning). What say you guys? Hasson or Rahal?


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  • Senior Member

Are you considering FUE or FUT? And how many grafts? Also, post pictures if you can. 

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  • Regular Member

FUT. I am also strongly considering Dr. Diep. I think his work is incredible. Will post pics soon.

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