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Choosing right FUE surgeon in Turkey





Dear Community Members


The time has arrived for me to do FUE in January 2018. However i am sure everyone would have gone through this vicious thought process of selecting the right surgeon.

I have been looking online for reviews about results of different Doctors in Turkey. It is hard to differentiate between legitimate or marketing reviews.

Couple of doctors i narrowed it down.


1- Koray Erdogan --> There seems to be overwhelming good reviews about his work.

2 - Resul Yaman --> There are mix reviews about his work but some of videos on youtube are impressive


The cost difference is massive between these two Doctors.


I dont mind paying extra to Dr. Koray Erdogan but my question is if i m getting same results with Dr. Resul Yaman, why should i pay more?


Anyone on this forum had recent surgery with either of these doctors and would like to comment on quality of work?


Please suggest any other doctor if i am wrong.


For me density is the most important and i am hoping i will be going for atleast 4000 graft session.







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Hi, I did research for over 6 months on Turkish doctors and contacted many Doctors inc the above two but at the end the reviews on Dr Cinik over weighed all others. Check him out as i can personally say i have used him back on October and was a good experience

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