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Best hairline repair surgeon :)



Unfortunately, I got two hair transplant surgery from India and still unsatisfied. The first transplant was in Mumbai, 2700 grafts to lower my hairline and the growth was fantastic but so many multiple hair grafts (mostly 3 hair grafts) in my hairline. Then I decide to have a repair transplant to remove those multiple grafts and soften my hair transition zone but unfortunately the doctor just increases the density and still, the multiple grafts are visible. Afterward, I consulted with few HT surgeon in the USA and all advised me that I will only need 500 to 600 single grafts to fix the problem. They will take combination repair approach to repair my hairline ( both remove mini grafts and create soft hairline transition zone). Now I am confused which doctor will be the best? Please suggest me the best surgeon and advised mine for further transplant.


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